• About Holly

Holly was last seen at around 4:00 PM on Saturday, January 11th,  2020 in Hamilton, Ontario

She was not dressed for the weather, left her belongings, and abandoned her work responsibilities.

Holly was scared, confused, and emotionally distraught at the time.

There are a number of factors that have lead to her disappearance. We are still piecing together what has caused this situation, who was involved and why.

We are fearful for her safety and well-being due to the evidence  gathered.

What we do know:
Holly has not been “abducted” but she may be involved with some risky people or have been preyed upon in another way.
Holly left impulsively with little planning involved. She was not dressed for the weather.
Holly was scheduling work, music, and personal life plans throughout the month of January, including the next day after she disappeared.

What actions are we asking from the public:
Please check your security footage for sightings of Holly between January 9th to present-date.
If you are in the Hamilton-area, we would love help postering, and we need capable people for search parties.
We are organizing this as a team in coordination with the Hamilton Police Service and Guardians of our Angels. We ask for the public to coordinate with us for all search efforts.
All media interviews must be scheduled in advance.