Help find Holly Ellsworth-Clark

Holly Ellsworth-Clark (aka Holly Clark) is a 27-year-old young woman residing in Hamilton, ON. She is 6’0”, ~200 Lbs, hazel eyes, blond hair and very short bangs. She looks young for her age, but she is notably tall.

Her personality is warm, friendly, and kind. She is known for her friendliness, bubbly personality, bright spirit, and empathy. She is smart and opinionated and she has a university degree.

Holly has a good relationship with her parents who reside in Calgary, Alberta where Holly grew up. She was typically a responsible young woman, who enjoyed various activities outdoors
Holly relocated to Hamilton/Toronto area in 2018 to pursue music. Her siblings reside in Toronto.

Holly regularly frequented local music nights and open mic events in Hamilton, and enjoyed expressing herself through written verse, music, and other creative arts.

Holly is a responsible, loving and ambitious young woman.

Holly was a member of the Calgary Dinos Wrestling team where she won a number of medals both in Canada and internationally.